Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snow Angel

I have a story for ya! ;)

It was very early on a snowy January morning. We're out and about, all 6 of was still dark...about 5 AM to be exact. Paper route. :)

We were close to finishing up. On one of the last streets. And Logan wants to get out and help. So he runs around with Zach, tossing papers. Then suddenly he flops himself down in someone's driveway and does a snow angel. We're all like, "Get up Logan! Come on!", laughing at him!

About a week after that day we get a card in the mail from somebody on our route. Now this was not unusual. We had gotten tons of cards and tips in the mail from our people on our route. It was really Christmas every day! So we open this particular card and what do we find when we read it?

Dear Allen & Julie Lake,
I am an elderly lady (almost 70) and not in very good health.
I want to thank you for your good service in delivering my paper.
And also for the snow angel in my drive way early morning on Jan. 7th. :)

Neat huh?! It's amazing how the little things, that we think are so insignificant can mean so much to another person.

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