Friday, January 29, 2010

Apes & Oreos

Thought this was funny, so decided to put it on here! :)

Today, a little while ago, Mom declares that it's lunch time and we all head upstairs to get ourselves something to eat. We see that Logan has obviously beaten us to the kitchen. He had on a blue apron that came almost to his ankles, one of my mom's. He says, chin lifted, "I'm fixing lunch today!" and leans against the microwave. Then he points to something on the counter and says, "And he's my helper!" We all shift our gazes to the kitchen counter and find Logan's stuffed ape sitting there with another of mom's aprons (she has quite a few) draped over it's shoulders. *laughs* ;)

I settle into a kitchen chair with my hot dog that my little 9-year-old brother lovingly fixed for me. ;) Once I finished I go to the cabnet where we keep all the things you shouldn't really eat, and find a brand new package of Oreo cookies. Yumm! So I pour myself a cup of milk and sit down once again. Then my brother Zach looks over at me as I open up the Oreos and says, "Don't eat all the Oreos, Katie!" He's being most serious might I add. That's something I'll remember for a brother, not only suggesting, but demanding I NOT eat an entire package of Oreo cookies! Ha!

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