Wednesday, May 9, 2012

at work

We've been shifting in fiction lately.  After doing a lot of weeding, we decided to get rid of several paperbacks on the second floor, which opened up two whole bookshelves at the very back.  So, why not give ourselves some more space throughout the rest of the shelves and move everything back.  I'm on the shifting team.  Each of us try to do about three hours a week.  I had the privilege to move Jane Austen.  This may seem very trivial, but I found it neat to be able to give her books a new resting space on the shelves.
Every four hours an employee works, they get a fifteen minute break.  During one of my breaks not long ago I jogged up the stairs to the break room on the third floor.  The third floor is for employees only.  It makes me feel kinda special, that I can go up there.  Anyway, back to my break.  I gazed into the vending machine looking for something yummy to munch on.  Specifically, anything chocolate.  My eyes caught on some Reese's peanut butter sticks.  {Sidenote: Did you know they make them in sticks now?  Interesting.}  $1.00.  E6.  I slid my dollar in and punched in the buttons, but apparently my brain didn't do a very good job of communicating to my fingers.  I punched E5.  Oh no.  What was in E5?  I look down.  I was the new owner of.....beef sticks?  Ew.  Luckily I had an extra dollar to get my beloved Reese's sticks.  But what to do with the beef sticks?  Once again, ew.  I turned to one of the janitors who was cleaning the break room tables at the time.  "Charles, do you like these?  I accidentally pressed the wrong button."  He smiled, "Can't go wrong with beef sticks."  I handed them to him.  "You can have them."  He smiled again and said, "Thanks."  It was worth it then.  Even though my snack had ultimately cost me two whole dollars, I had made somebody happy with my beef sticks.  That was a great thing.
Read any good books lately?  Right now I'm reading one that I read as a middle schooler.  It was on my reading list, and I ended up really enjoying it.  So much that I can recall bits and pieces of the story to this very day.  I decided, why not pick it up again?  It's called "Stargirl" by Jerry Spinelli.  Great book.
Well, I'm coming to the end of this post and not sure how to bring it to a close.  I guess I'll just say, thank you.  Thank you dear readers for reading my idle chatter.



  1. You're the cutest, Katie. I love those photos, and your words just gave me a little peek into your world. ;)

  2. Love Love Love this post! :)

  3. Right now, I'm reading "Not A Fan" by Kyle Idelman, and reading a timeless classic - "Little Women".