Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I think I might just go ahead and move this photo challenge to Tuesday because I am late...AGAIN!  Urg.  Sorry guys.

But, welcome back to iLove everybody! :)  Here's my photo:

iLove Christmas lights...and bokeh.  {Post coming soon!}
{Inspired by this photo.}


  • One photo per blog/person.
  • The photo must be taken by you.
  • Please link back to my blog with the button above or a link.
  • Keep your photography pleasing to the Lord.
  • Have fun! :)


  1. I love Christmas lights and bokeh, too! =D
    And I already have my iLove photo for the week picked out too...I just have to upload it. ;)

    Have a wonderful day, Katie!

    P.s. I just realized that it was my photo that inspired you...so glad it did! ;)

  2. Hi Katie, I was thinking of entering your contest, but wanted to ask you if it can be a edited photo, or not? Thanks! :)

    Love, Karissa

    Proverbs 3:5-8

  3. Karissa- Oh, yes edit, edit away. ;) I always edit my photos. I look forward to seeing your picture!