Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm {driving} on sunshine...and don't it feel good.

Guess what?!
I passed my driver's test!!
And I'm just super excited and happy and blessed...and can drive independently!  *grins...real wide*

P.S. BIG thank you to my dad who taught me how to parallel park and worked with me on it several days last week!  You're the best, Daddy!


  1. Ahh, congrats! That's super exciting, and yesss, it's SO nice to actually be able to drive independently, not gonna lie.

    Hehe, parallel parking can be such a pain, so hoorah for you for getting it! I drive the kids I babysit to their swim lessons, and at first the little girl would say while I parked, "What are you doing??" I'd just have to answer, "Uhmm...pulling out again so I can straighten my parking job..." ;)

  2. congrats, girlie!!

  3. Congratulations! My oldest sister is taking driving lessons, and I can't wait till I can!!!