Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hello everybody!

My apologies for skipping a couple weeks of Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  I have been crazy busy and, unfortunately, did very little picture taking. :-P

But!  I'm back, and this week was a lot of fun! :)

{long exposure}
This one was probably the hardest for me this week...  I wasn't quite sure how to do it.  And I'm not even sure if this picture counts.  Haha!  I took the photo outside on a very sunny day and at first was disappointed with the overpowering light.  But then I remembered this week's challenges and was like, "Hm.  Why not?"  I even like how the photo ended up turning out. :)

I'm entering this^ photo in Danielle's Captured {in black & white} photo challenge.

These days you can get your make-up in any shape or size you like.  Just take your pick. ;)

I thought this turned out kinda cute. ;)

Ok, I must admit, this is an archive...because I forgot about #4.  *gasp*  I know, right.
I wouldn't say bananas are my favorite fruit.  (That would have to be blueberries or watermelon...but we were fresh out of both. :P)  I do love to eat them with peanut butter, though.  Yummy!

{childhood memory}
As soon as I read this one I knew that I had to take a picture of "The Lion King".  When I was little it was my all time favorite movie.  My dad and I would watch it over and over again together. <3

Before I head out, I wanted to let you know that for the next week I'll be away at church camp.  I'll miss you all dearly!  But, have no fear, I'll be back in a week with a post filled with pictures and camp news. :)

'Til then,


  1. really cute green shot and love that you got so close on your banana!

  2. I like your green photo most !!!!! In 1. pic there could be little more face, like the light just coming in in one corner and 2 last pics could show little more of their objects, maybe, but that is only my opinion. Keep on good work !!!

  3. I really like the green shot :)

  4. Really nice job this week - I especially love your shapes shot.

  5. Lovely set! Your long exposure one is unique and fun....I like it!

  6. I absolutely LOVED you in that green photo! Too beautifully cute! ;) Love ya!

  7. I really enjoyed your shots. Love your "long exposure" shot!

  8. Love your long expsoure and green photos!!! Both well done!!
    Enjoy your day!!

  9. Really creative long exposure.